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Chinese Translation: Why Asian Americans Should Support Affirmative Action

I have now made available a Chinese translation of my piece on why Asian Americans should support affirmative action.  The translation is available here.

Please note that the piece was published in Chinese before SCA5 was temporarily removed from the California legislature’s agenda, while the English version on my blog was published after SCA5 was removed.  There are some minor phrasing discrepancies as a result, but the substance of the piece is the same.

Why Asian Americans Should Support Affirmative Action

Affirmative action in higher education remains one of the most contentious issues in America today. The U.S. Supreme Court considered affirmative action last term and will do so again this term.  California’s legislature recently considered a bill, SCA5, that would have paved the way for voters to overturn Proposition 209, the state’s existing ban on race-conscious admissions in higher education. Although the California Senate passed the bill, members of the House recently announced that the bill would not move forward in time for voters to consider it in 2015. But the issue remains very much alive in California and will likely be reconsidered for 2016.

The debate over affirmative action raises unique considerations for Asian Americans.  While research has shown that a substantial majority of Asian Americans support affirmative action, some vocal opponents of SCA5 have claimed the bill would have dramatic negative consequences for Asian Americans applicants.  These claims are unfounded.  Speaking both as a law professor who has taught in the UC school system and as a proud Asian American, I believe that Asian Americans should support SCA5 in the California legislature and affirmative action in higher education nationwide. Here are ten reasons: Continue reading