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The Economic Benefit of Marriage Equality

Not that this is the best or only reason to support marriage equality, but it’s worth noting that legalizing same-sex marriage has substantial economic benefits. UCLA’s Williams Institute has this series of state-by state reports.

For example, over three years, legalizing same sex marriage would add $182.2M to Florida’s economy, $70.8M to Ohio’s economy, $181.6M to Texas’ economy, $103M to Illinois’ economy, and $53.2M to Michigan’s economy. This would result from “wedding arrangements and tourism by resident same-sex couples and their guests.”

The researchers project other specific benefits as well. In Florida, for example, the spending would result in $12.1M in state and local sales tax revenue, as well as up to 2,626 new full- and part-time jobs in the state.

Obviously rights shouldn’t be determined by whether they’re lucrative. Same-sex marriage should be legal even if it were economically costly. But the fact that legalizing same-sex marriage actually generates revenue makes governmental opposition to it even less defensible, and state arguments that decisions striking down same-sex marriage bans cause “irreparable harm” even more feeble.

Say that a state incurs administrative costs in performing same-sex marriages after the invalidation of a same-sex marriage ban when it’s uncertain whether the Supreme Court will eventually hold such bans permissible. In many instances those costs could be outweighed by other economic benefits, such as tax revenue.

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Working Draft: Negative Identity

I’ve posted a draft of one of my current research projects on SSRN. The piece is called “Negative Identity.” Here’s the abstract:

This Article examines the social and legal status of “negative identity”—identity marked by indifference or antipathy to something that much of society considers fundamental. As examples of negative identity, the Article considers those who identify as atheist, asexual, single, or childfree.

The Article begins by giving content to negative identity. Atheist, asexual, single, and childfree identity consists of more than merely the respective lack of religion, sexual attraction, partnership, or children. Rather, these negative identities are meaningful to group members, add value to society, and thus deserve legitimacy and respect. Unfortunately, respect is not always forthcoming: negative identity group members experience significant animus, discrimination, and marginalization.

This state of affairs requires legal intervention. I demonstrate that under current law negative identity is under-protected relative to analogous positive identity categories. In many legal contexts, including employment, housing, public benefits, and taxation, members of negative identity groups are treated differently and worse than their positive identity counterparts. Consequently, the Article proposes a broad reevaluation of laws that implicate negative identity. Negative identity deserves the same protection as positive identity against direct discrimination, which I define as worse treatment based purely on hostility to the identity. When negative identity groups indirectly subsidize positive identity groups, legal actors should undertake a holistic inquiry into all relevant factors in order to determine whether the subsidy is justified.

I’d love to hear any comments, but as I note, it’s a working draft, so please don’t quote or cite without permission.