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The RightsCast: Osamudia James Next Week

The RightsCast will return next week with a conversation with Osamudia James (Miami) about white identity and affirmative action.

ETA May 25, 2015: I forgot that this week is the Law & Society Association’s annual conference which a lot of law professors tend to attend (although not me this year).  So in the interest once again of releasing new episodes when large segments of my colleagues are not otherwise occupied, I will postpone this episode one more week. It is excellent and so is Osamudia’s article, “White Like Me,” which is published in the NYU Law Review.

Selected to the 2014 ABA Blawg 100

I’m pleased to announce that this blog — which is still less than a year old — has been selected to the ABA Blawg 100. The 100 selected blogs are now competing against one another in 13 categories. Mine is in the “Prof” division. If you’re so inclined, please check out the full list of 100 blogs and consider voting for me.

If you’re new to this blog and made your way here from the ABA Journal site, here are a few posts from the past year that, I think, collectively capture what my blog is about:

Call for Items for New Law Professors Section

I received this call for responses from Jennifer Carter-Johnson (Michigan State). Please feel free to respond directly to Jenny, and to circulate broadly:

I am working on the newsletter for the New Law Professors Section.  If you’d like to write a piece for that, I’d love to hear from you.  BUT even if you don’t want to commit to a full article, I’m planning an advice section with short comments.  If you could answer one or both of the questions below in 1-3 sentences, I’ll try to include as many responses as possible in the newsletter.  I am happy to make your comments anonymous if you prefer, just let me know.

1.  What surprised you the most about the tenure process?   OR What do you wish you had known before going through the tenure process?

2.  How do you structure your writing schedule and keep yourself motivated in light of all of your other obligations?

Return any answers to me at Jennifer Carter-Johnson, by November 14th.  Feel free to share this request for responses broadly.