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Denver Law Review Symposium: CrImmigration

I’m spending most of today and tomorrow (2/6 and 2/7) at the Denver Law Review annual symposium. This year’s topic is the timely one of “crImmigration,” or the intersection between criminal and immigration law. The official announcement is available here, and my colleague Cesar Garcia Hernandez also has a nice write up here. You can follow the symposium in real time on Twitter under the hashtag #DULRcrimmigration, or check out the livestream.

Federalist Society Review of 2013-2014 Supreme Court Term

I’ll be speaking today at an event sponsored by the the Colorado chapter of the Federalist Society, which reviews the Supreme Court’s 2013-2014 term. My co-panelists will be Judge Tim Tymkovich of the Tenth Circuit, Colorado Solicitor General Dan Domenico, Richard Westfall, and Rob Natelson. It should be a really interesting conversation. I’m particularly looking forward to discussing United States v. Riley, in which I was pleased to sign the law professors’ amicus brief that the Supreme Court ultimately cited in its unanimous opinion holding that  that police cannot perform a warrantless search of a cell phone as a search incident to arrest absent some other exception to the warrant requirement.

More information about the event, which takes place over lunch today, is available here.